Customer Service Calls Outsourcing

Customers Service Calls Outsourcing: The Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

Our call center agents are experts at delivering exceptional customer service and will help your callers quickly and efficiently.

Customer Retention

Through remarkable customer service and increased customer satisfaction, we help you retain more customers.

Customer Acquisition

With us managing your customer base, you can focus on new business development ideas and gain more customers.

Customer Service Experts

For a successful business, good customer service is key. Modern service-led global economy requires businesses to value and care for their customers, to ensure their loyalty to the brand. For a high customer retention rate, it is particularly important that you focus on your availability to customers.
The modern consumer demands round the clock customer service. The Brain Dots provides you with exceptional Customer Service Experts, who support your customer service team by answering all service calls 24/7.

An Improved Customers Experience

With The Brain Dots call answering services, your customers will never have to face engaged tones, automated messages, hold music or unattended calls again. All customer calls at The Brain Dots are answered by professional and friendly operators. Call centre outsourcing also means that we will directly deal with all issues, resolve them and provide you with a seamless and reliable customer support team.

Our operators are well-trained conversationalists, with the ability to deal with all customer enquiries in a respectful, confidential and effective manner. Additionally, we can support your international customers through our interpreter services that enable us to manage non-English speaking calls.

Initial Enquiry

Call us and speak with our sales team members or complete our online form.


Once you reach us, we would discuss different packages based on your requirements.


Provide a quote and send a proposal through, tailored to your requirements.


We will start working on the paperwork to begin your package.

Set Up

Our scripting team will finalize your account, add your clients’ details to our database and integrate with your CRM where needed.

Go Live

You and your account manager will review the account, test it at our site and finalize it before we go live.