Live Chat & Email Outsourcing

Why Choose a Chat & Email Service?

24/7 outsourced service

We provide you with an email and chat software to fully answer all customer queries and stay in contact with your customers.

Specialized email & chat agents

Our dedicated email and chat operators quickly and effectively resolve all customer queries.

No more abandoned checkouts

When customers can get in touch with the company at any time for help with queries and issues, there are more product purchases and checkouts.

Transform Your Customer Service

Most businesses are equipped with the process of helping customers after product purchase. However, many customers need guidance to help complete transactions.
For maximum sales, your company needs to be with your customers when they encounter issues. With The Brain Dots’ email and chat services, you can be there every time.

When customers are offered live email and chat services, they can receive answers at the click of a button and complete all transactions promptly. Our call center agents are available round the clock for your customers, so even if a customer contacts in the early or late hours of the day, they are connected to real professionals for care and service.

Quick, Tangible Results

Live email and chat support services help your business by helping your customers. The Brain Dots’ live email and chat services help your business in many ways:

  • It increases customer transactions – Research proves that email and chat services increase conversions by almost 20%, and customers who receive help through email or live chat are three times more likely to purchase products and services.
  • It is more efficient and cost-effective than phone services – Chat operators simultaneously speak to multiple customers and customers are more likely to voice their queries through email and chat support.
  • It leads to less number of inbound calls – When customers are provided with the option of resolving small queries through email and chat support, your phone operators have more time to handle complex queries and efficiently resolve them.

Give your customers what they want with The Brain Dots’ email and live chat support today.

Initial Enquiry

Call us and speak with our sales team members or complete our online form.


Once you reach us, we would discuss different packages based on your requirements.


Provide a quote and send a proposal through, tailored to your requirements.


We will start working on the paperwork to begin your package.

Set Up

Our scripting team will finalize your account, add your clients’ details to our database and integrate with your CRM where needed.

Go Live

You and your account manager will review the account, test it at our site and finalize it before we go live.