Call Centre Outsourcing

Outsource Your Customer Service Calls with us – Today!

Outsourced Call Centre Benefits

High Call Volumes

We support you existing call centers during overflow and for out of hours enquiries.

Flexible Infrastructure

We provide you with the flexible infrastructure to accommodate fluctuating customer call volumes.

Impressive Customer Service

Our customer service experts specialize in management of inbound calls and high-quality customer service.

How Call Center Outsourcing Works?

Outsourced call center services answer the incoming or unmanageable calls that your company receives on a daily basis.
Competent and trained call center operators direct these calls to the relevant professionals within your company or take messages and email them to the intended recipients.

The Brain Dots will professionally respond to all calls based on your requirements and sensitively terminate calls from any unwanted or spam callers. We help ensure that you can spend your time on more pressing or important business activities to open new sales ventures and attract new target customers.
For more information on The Brain Dots’ outsourced call center service or further queries, get in touch now.

Happier Customers with Faster Responses

Call centre outsourcing is beneficial for you if you are seeking a 24/7 emergency response line for all last-minute calls from clients or calls made out of hours. Using The Brain Dots for such calls provides your company with the advantage of being recognized for immediate response and exceptional customer care.

You can also use the 24-hour response lines at The Brain Dots for your marketing and advertising needs. We provide dedicated phone numbers which clients can call to request brochures, press pack and obtain other information. The clients’ details are stored for your future use and all orders or bookings are dealt with promptly.

The Brain Dots is not simply a call answering service. We are also fully prepared and able to make outbound calls to your list of clients for different marketing activities, such as surveys and questionnaires. If required, The Brain Dots can set up interpretation services for your international clients. To further the success of your company, we put in our efforts to provide greater customer satisfaction, consistent service and a valuable company image.

Initial Enquiry

Call us and speak with our sales team members or complete our online form.


Once you reach us, we would discuss different packages based on your requirements.


Provide a quote and send a proposal through, tailored to your requirements.


We will start working on the paperwork to begin your package.

Set Up

Our scripting team will finalize your account, add your clients’ details to our database and integrate with your CRM where needed.

Go Live

You and your account manager will review the account, test it at our site and finalize it before we go live.